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What the hell.

It's wet.

((First the ScrubBots, now the indoor showers... Is there an anti-B.O. campaign going on or what?))


...Oh shit, my Mp3 player!

Uh, Gil? Mind helping me out again...?

Pin 002 (Ice Risers) -

[Filtered to Jacuzzi]

Sorry, but I can't do it. It would be tough enough getting raw algae in the first place. And getting it out? I don't know if you've smelled it unprocessed, but if you haven't, don't. Trust me; anyone carrying something like that'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Also, it might not be actual algae - the official name's "Algae Product".



It's been nearly a week, and I don't think I'm getting out of here soon. I almost miss the Game - time limits, instructions, if everything went perfectly, you'd be home free in seven days. On the other hand, it had time limits. I kind of like not dashing around in mortal terror and aggravation for a change. Plus? Haven't run into any extortion, betrayal, death threats, high-stakes battles against twisted freaks of nature...

I'd be almost bored if it weren't for the constant fear of painful execution. And, okay, the people. They're... I'm just going to say interesting and leave it at that for now.

...I should say something that's not locked. Never really tried that before. Okay, what can I say that's not likely to get me shot for treason? ...What's everyone else talking about? Jobs? Sounds safe. I feel like such a sheep. But that's safety, I guess.

1. Keep it happy.
2. Think positive.
3. Don't trash the Computer.


As far as jobs go, work in the Food Vat Services is... a job, I guess. It's mostly scrubbing out the Algae Vats. Best thing about scrubbing out the algae vats? Makes scrubbing out the FunFood Vats something to look forward to.

The smell... uh. Let's just say it's a good thing I'm rooming solo. I've probably gotten too used to it, because. Uh. The ScrubBots. They... went after me.

Pin #001 (Ice Blow) Deja Vu

So this is what they call Deja vu.

Woke up with this new gadget on me... Doesn't seem to be sending warnings or countdowns, not grafted onto my skin... What a novelty.

What is this, some kind of extra penalty game?



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